Thursday, May 11, 2017

Central Park

on Saturday morning we ate bagels for breakfast in Brooklyn then walked around. we had to transfer to a hotel in Queens because we accidentally booked one night short and we weren't able to add another night.

 then we took the subway to Central Park. 
 there was this lady underneath the bridge singing opera and she was incredible! that is one of the things I love about New York- all the musical talent displayed freely (well for tips) around the city. New Yorkers are so used to it that they don't appreciate it but there is something beautiful about the juxtaposition of music in the middle of the hectic, busy sounds of the city. we were serenaded many times on the subway or at the subway station and there is an amazing quality of hearing the music echo on the subway platform. this opera singer was by far the best we heard and it makes me wonder about her story and if she sings professionally or if not what happened that she isn't able to. 
 we went into the Natural History Museum to go to the bathroom and we found out it was free for the next hour til closing. we had been there on our honeymoon and loved it so we had fun quickly exploring. 
this origami Christmas tree was amazing! I would love to have one in my house for the holidays.
afterwards we went to Levain Bakery for some cookies. the line was way out the door which in New York is a sign that something is worth waiting for. it's funny the lady in front of us had to ask us what the line was for. she said she just saw the line and figured it must be something good- ha! we got a chocolate chip and dark chocolate cookie and they were delicious! they are thick, round cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I am craving one right now! 
we decided to walk to where we were eating dinner in Greenwich Village. it took us a couple hours but we saw so much more of the city rather than taking the subway. it was one of my favorite things we did actually! we walked past the LDS temple, Columbus Circle, Times Square, Madison Square Garden and lots more. the temple is the pic below.
there were a ton of people dressed up like Santa for Santacon which was funny seeing so many santas running around.
we ate dinner at Artichoke Basilles pizza in greenwich which was delicious! we ate a lot of pizza on that trip but that might have been my fav. NYC always seems so full of life but on Saturday night there is so much going on and a ton of energy. its so much fun to be around especially compared to the slow pace of where we live! 
we walked around Washington Square park again and then called it a night. the next day we met up with Jason's sister and husband who were visiting the city too. we didn't have much time so we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then we had to leave for the airport. it was an incredible trip and I was so sad to leave! NYC will always be one of my favorite places to travel.
 Til next time!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Brooklyn Bridge

in Tarrytown while Jason was at his class during the day I just hung out in the hotel room. I had thought that I would go out exploring but we weren't really close enough to walk to anything. I didn't mind the couple days of relaxing in a nice room though. when Jason got out of his class we went to the cute little downtown area and ate and then walked through neighborhoods looking at the cool old houses. we took the train back to the city Thursday night and Jason's coworker came with us. she had never been to NY before and only had a few hours to see it so we showed her around a bit. we went to the Rockefeller tree again and then she wanted to go up the Empire State building.
 we went into St. Patrick's cathedral and saw the nativity.
 saw some Christmas window displays again.
 the Empire State Building was so pretty with its Christmas decor. it was so cold and windy at the top we didn't stay up there very long.
 we got a hotel in Brooklyn that night that was basically big enough for a bed, a little walking space, and a small bathroom. it was really cozy though and I liked the view. honestly I feel like that is all the space you need in a hotel room and the price was just what we wanted to pay. 
 we walked around Brooklyn all morning.
I love looking at all the Brownstone houses in Brooklyn. we walked to the Doughnut Plant and got a few doughnuts.. the Creme Brulee donut was my favorite. 
we then walked to Brooklyn Bridge park. we went to this spot first where you can see the Manhattan bridge between the buildings. 
Jason photographing a proposal! it's funny this is actually the second time Jason's been asked to take pictures for a man proposing. the first was on at the top of a mountain in Sedona during sunset.
 there were these old bricks all along the rocks in the water. I thought they were really cool and would make a great souvenir so I may have filled up Jason's backpack with a couple of them- ha! we looked them up and from the markings we found out they're from the late 1800's. I'm hoping its not illegal to take them..
 we were hungry so we ate lunch at Shake Shack under the Brooklyn bridge. we try to avoid chain restaurants on vacation- especially ones we have at home- but the location was great with an amazing view of the bridge outside the window.
after we ate we walked across the Brooklyn bridge! it was something at the top of my list to do and it didn't disappoint. we went around sundown when the colors in the sky were so beautiful and it felt so magical. 
it was really cold and windy on the bridge so we got some hot chocolate once we made it to the other side. we ate dinner then went to see Matilda on Broadway. it was really cute and fun. I wish they had included more of the magic from the movie though.. but I still enjoyed it.