Thursday, April 20, 2017

California Coast - part 2

the next day we ate crepes for breakfast downtown and then headed down the coast again. 

 this area was so green, lush and beautiful. I couldn't get enough of all the wildflowers everywhere and the fog on the mountains. you could actually go down to the beach here which is hard to find on highway 1. 
we got to see the Bixby bridge again :) it was much foggier than it was the day before.
ignore Jason's whiskey shirt... ha! he loves vintage Harley shirts and he wears this one even though he doesn't drink whiskey. 
the wind was totally crazy but if felt amazing.
we stopped to do a short little hike to Partington Cove. it was a little tricky to find because there weren't any signs but we were able to with directions online. it is a pretty short walk down a steep trail then you go through a tunnel and come out to the cove area. it was very beautiful with not very many people there. I liked how it was kinda hidden so not very many people know about it.
we stayed there exploring and relaxing for a little bit and it was so nice. the weather felt perfect and we had incredible scenery. I loved our little "secret" cove in Big Sur :) I felt like I was being refreshed by being there especially after spending time in a big city like San Francisco. I think it is really good for the soul to get out into nature like the beach or mountains every so often. it really just feels liberating and helps alleviate the stress and trials of everyday life. I need to remember to do it more often because I get so set in my routine and forget to seek out being in nature.
that was our last stop in Big Sur and along the coast! we drove as long as we could that night then got a hotel. the next day we went Strawberry picking in Carlsbad and went to the beach for a little bit. then we headed home! 
we had an incredible road trip through California and I fell in love with the state even more! it is such an incredibly beautiful state with so much to offer.

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